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Sources:Kraft official   Time:2016/9/27

Machine specifications and technical parameters:

Item Unit VF68
Controller FANUC 0i MF
Travel X Axis Travel (work table) mm 680
Y Axis Travel (saddle) mm 420
Z Axis Travel (spindle) mm 500
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table mm 100~600
Distance from Spindle Center to Column Cover mm 460
Work table Table Size (length×width) mm 800×420
Max. table Load kg 500
T Slot Size(width×distance×quantity) mm 14×80×5
Spindle Spindle taper HSK-A63
Max. spindle speed rpm 15000(direct driven)
Spindle motor power (continual working 30 mins) kW 7.5/11
Spindle motor torque N.m 47.7/70
X/Y/Z Rapid speed (X/Y) mm/min 40000
Rapid speed (Z) mm/min 32000
Cutting feed rate (X/Y/Z) mm/min 1-10000
ATC(Option) ATC type Arm type
Tool capacity pcs 20
Max. tool diameter mm φ95/φ125
Max. tool length mm 350
Max. tool weight kg 8
Accuracy VDI/DGQ3441 Full travel positioning accuracy mm P0.010
Repeatability accuracy mm Ps0.008
Air pressure MPa 0.6~0.8
Air pressure 3/PE,AC380V,50Hz
Supply voltage & frequency kVA 30
Machine size (length×width×height) mm 3135×2955×2490
Machine weight kg 4500
※ We reserve the right to change technical parameter for improvement of our products without giving notice to customers

Configuration table:

Configuration VF68
FANUC 0i MF absolute type
AICC II, fine mould package, machining condition selecting
Rigid tapping
Full enclosed splash guard
Direct driven spindle 15000rpm HSK A63
Spindle air sealing
Air blowing device
Working area light
3 colors warming light
Electric cabinet AC
Portable MPG
Coolant system
Lubrication system/Pneumatic system
Adjustable level bolts and foundation Blocks
Chain chip conveyor
Tool box
Air gun/Water gun flushing function
Oil and water separator machine
Automatically power off
Arm type ATC 20pcs
Arm type ATC 24pcs ×
Spindle chiller
Spindle cooling by external pipe
Coolant through spindle center
4th axis
Heidenhain absolute linear scale
Measuring system (tool, workpiece)
Air dryer
Oil mist recycle machine
Voltage stabilizer
●Standard ○Option ×Not available

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