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Sources:Kraft official   Time2019/7/18


       EMO Hannover was founded in 1951 by the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries(CECIMO), co-sponsored by the German Machine Tool Builders Association (VDW). This exhibition is held on every odd-numbered year, in Hannover in the heart of Germany or Italys Milano respectively.

        The EMO Hannover 2019 show is an important European trade fair of the manufacturing industry, it will be a great opportunity to discuss the current hot industry topics and get the latest regarding future developments and trends. EMO Hannover 2019 covers a wide spectrum of the metalworking industry, including machine tools for forming, grinding, milling, and turning, as well as manufacturing systems, precision measuring equipment, automation, industrial computer technology, and other related issues. At EMO Hannover 2019, you can get in touch with many awesome manufacturers from all over the world. Visitors and exhibitors can exchange their industrial knowledge and technological know-how which leads to synergistic effects for the whole machine tool sector, including CNC Lathes, Machine Centers, Milling Machines, Forming Machines, Grinding Machines.

        In this exhibition, we will exhibit VF108 Vertical High Speed Machine and VF1290 Double-Column High Speed Machine, we are looking forward to your visit.

      Location: Hanover International Exhibition Center, Germany 
      Booth number: Hall 27 - F13

      Date 16~21 Sep. 2019

    Welcome to our booth.

 Preview    [VF108 Vertical High Speed Machining Center] 



◈ / Display part: Auto lamp mould

◈ / Siemens 828D controller

◈ / 15000rpm HSK-A63Spindle speed: 15000rpm HSK-A63

◈ / Three axes stroke: 1080*600*600

◈ / Intelligent spindle temperature compensation

  Preview    VF1290 Double-column High Speed Machining Center


◈ / Display part: Benz part
◈ / Siemens 828D controller
◈ / 15000rpm HSK-A63Spindle speed15000rpm HSK-A63
◈ / Three axis stroke: 1200*800*550mm
◈ / Intelligent spindle temperature compensation


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Welcome to our booth: Hall 27 - F13
Exhibition hall plan:


Company Profile:

SKY MASTER is specialized in designing and manufacturing high quality CNC machine tools. The new brand "SKY MASTER - Kraft" was established by the comprehensive strategic cooperation with our Germany partner KRAFT. Our products include five-axis machining center, high-speed machining center, double-column machining center and vertical machining center. All series of products have been approved by TUV/CE certificate and National Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.



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